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Mom kisses child on head in rare candid moment

This photo is one of my absolute favorite images of all time that I have had the pleasure of photographing. This was a totally candid moment between poses of this mom kissing her three month old daughter, Elliot. It is so easy to see how much she adores her little girl, and Elliot's expression is one of pure calm and comfort as she's held in her mother's arms. A lot of people ask me if this photo was taken in a studio. The answer is no! This photo was taken in her house against one of her walls. A lot of my clients worry that their house isn't set up for photos. Don't worry about that! Honestly, nobody's home, including mine, is set up to look like a photography studio and it is my job to find the places in your house that will make for a great photo. In-home photo sessions with your little ones are so much fun! 

Location: Austin, Texas.