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Toddler on ground in a garden of cacti and succulents

I love this little boy! This little one is a photographer friend's son, who was born within a few months of my son. The two boys have spent the last year playing with one another and doing lot of photo shoots since their moms can't help but pull out their cameras at least a few times a week! Here, we went to a beautiful garden of desert-like plants and succulents and took photos in the winding paths. As you can see, Maverick was pretty excited about playing with the rocks! In the Austin Hill Country, beautiful environments like this are a dime a dozen! There is no shortage of gorgeous places we can go to capture photos of your little ones. If you have a spot in mind, feel free to shoot me an email and if I haven't been there before, I can go check it out to scout out the best areas for photos.

Location: Austin Hill Country, Texas.