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Hi! I'm Claire,

and I am Austin-based family and wedding photographer! For the last ten years and counting, I've loved nothing more than photographing the unique bond between couples and families.

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Austin fall family photo with mom and toddler nuzzling noses
Austin Maternity Photographer outdoor oak trees
Fun and candid Austin family photography South Congress
Girl running with family in Brushy Creek Lake Park
Austin bluebonnet family photography baby with siblings
Mom swings boy around in Texas bluebonnet wildflowers
Mom and her son in a hammock on South Congress Ave
Dripping Springs Hamilton Pool family photography

Austin Family Photographer

I absolutely love photographing families! I love to capture a little girl's huge smile as she embraces her dad, a new mom's quiet gratitude as she gazes lovingly into at the newborn in her arms, and a soon-to-be dad's calm expression as he places his hands on his wife's pregnant belly. All of these candid images create a beautiful story over time.

Where we photograph your session is entirely up to you and I am more than happy to suggest many of the amazing locations Texas has to offer! If you have a newborn or a young baby, it is often nice to do the session in your home where you and your baby can be comfortable. When you little ones get a bit older, outdoor locations make for great family sessions.

My favorite time to photograph families is in the evening before the sun goes down. In photography, we refer to this as the "golden hour", and the warm light gives a beautiful glow to the images and surrounding landscape. I know how different nap and bed times are for all kids, so if the evening is not doable, the morning is also a wonderful time of day to take photos!

You’ll Be Ecstatic About Your Family Portrait

If you live in the Austin area and you have an event coming up that you want to commemorate involving your family, you’ll surely wish to get lots of candid photos to cherish in the years to come. Rising Oak Images is the company that specializes in family portraits. Austin residents can trust me to deliver photos of your special moments that reveal the authentic connection and the love between all of your family members. I enjoy getting to know Austin residents and sharing in their joyful times. I’m glad to meet you at a location of your choice, or I have plenty of suggestions as far as locales around the Austin area that are appropriate for any event.

I Stand Out Amongst Family Photographers

When you need a family photographer, Austin TX residents, why should you choose me? It’s because I know how to take pictures that tell your story. Whether you’ve chosen an indoor location or you want to take things outdoors under the gorgeous, blue expanse of the Texas sky, I have the skill set to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments in full, vibrant color.

I Love Photo Sessions with Multiple Generations

It’s a great idea to schedule a photo session that involves several generations of your family. From the older generations to the newborn infants, getting everyone together for some professional photos is a gift that everyone involved can cherish always. I can come to your home if you have kids that are too young to travel yet or elderly family members who are not as mobile as they used to be. I want to make you comfortable, and I’ll follow your lead. Wherever you feel the most in your element is the place that will yield the best pictures.

Photography During the Golden Hour

I especially love taking pictures outdoors during the “golden hour,” that brief time just before the sun goes down. It’s a lovely time of the day anywhere, but in Austin, there’s nothing else quite like it. The beautiful glow that envelopes the subjects of the pictures and the surrounding landscape is positively transcendent. The morning is also an excellent time for a photography session if that works better for your schedule.

I Take Away any Stress from Family Photos

Some photographers will rush you along and stage you in ways that feel unnatural. I pride myself on revealing the essence of my subjects by allowing you to relax during the process. In the past decade, I have photographed hundreds of family events, and I draw on what I’ve learned to make sure that you have the best experience possible. I know that not every photo shoot goes precisely according to plan, but it’s that unexpected element and the spontaneity of real life that often creates the best shots.

When you use Rising Oak Images, you can be sure that you’re going to get some pictures that are capable of producing smiles and laughter every time you look at them. I have a deep and abiding connection to the Austin community, as you can see from all of my positive feedback.

Wedding Photography

I love photographing weddings. I love the smiles, the laughter, and the unexpectedness of the day. Your wedding will only happen once, and I want to give you a unique wedding photography experience, capturing everything about your wedding that makes it you! I look for all the moments that tell your story - the dad who tears up when he thinks no one is looking, the warmth and laughter that fills the bridal suite while you and your bridesmaids are getting ready, the hug from your grandma that she's waited all day for, the expression on your face when you see your partner at first look, and even that awkward toast your groomsman gives after too many drinks! I love nothing more than photographing these moments. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to meet up and talk.

Wedding Packages begin at $2400. Get in touch to receive the full pricing guide. I'd love to talk to you about your wedding and answer any questions you may have.