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Let Rising Oak Images be Your Austin Baby Photographer

Family photography can be a lot of fun, but there's something truly special about a session featuring a mother and her new baby. Children come into the world with no expectations, and that innocence seems to bathe them in an almost visible glow. They're the embodiment of our hopes and the manifestation of our dreams. They are fragile and precious, and of course, you're going to want to preserve these moments with them by taking lots of pictures. Let Rising Oak Images be your Austin newborn photographer. I can deliver a collection of photos for you that you'll enjoy looking at and reminiscing for years to come.

Why Use Me as Your New Born Photographer, Austin Residents?

I have extensive experience with family photography and a background in film photography and fine art. As a veteran of hundreds of photo shoots, I know how to set up shots so that they have the highest probability of turning out well. I can come to your home or anywhere else that works for you, and I can make you and your baby comfortable so that the essence of your connection to one another is evident in every shot I take. My candid photos will be perfect for hanging on the wall, turning into an album, or using as holiday cards for your relatives and friends.

My Connection to Austin

I'm a mother myself, and I love raising my kids in the Austin area. I make my home in Dripping Springs, and I feel a deep sense of connection to the Texas Hill Country and all of my wonderful neighbors. When I set up a photo shoot, I feel privileged to be invited into the homes and lives of my subjects. You'll be like part of my extended family, and I'll make sure to deliver a collection of shots that are as beautiful and unique as your newborn.

I Have Excellent Reviews

As you can tell from the reviews of my business, the Austin community feels the same way about my services as I do about them. Rising Oak Images was my vision for a photography company that genuinely cares about all of its customers, and it has been my distinct pleasure to make my dream a reality. Part of the reason that I deliver such great photos is that I'm passionate about the job. I don't regard it as work because I'm doing what I love.

Every significant development in the evolution of a family is worthy of commemoration, but there's something about the arrival of a new child that seems like a particularly vivid moment in time. It would be unfortunate to lose those moments without getting some pictures that capture what that time was all about for you. Your child will enjoy looking back at this era when they're older just as much as you will. They're only that age once, and you don't want to miss out. Contact me today so we can have a conversation about the details of your custom-designed newborn photo shoot.

Newborn and Baby

Lifestyle newborn session with baby in hat

One of the great things about doing in home newborn sessions is that the parents are able to either nurse or bottle feed their baby so quickly and easily since they are already inside their own home. This is great because after a newborn baby eats, they usually sleep too! Once they get milk drunk, it is pretty easy to lie them down in a cute pose on your bed for a cute photo. All those props you wanted to use on them, like a hat, can be put on and usually they won't even notice. I love photographing newborns and I am available in and around Austin, including the hill country.

Location: Dripping Springs, Texas.